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  • puppy ir young dog wanted
    Lymington Added 2020-04-21
    Puppy or young dog wanted please to join our forever home in the Dorset or Southampton area please thank you
  • Wanted puppy or young dog
    Cheltenham Added 2020-04-21
    Wanted puppy or young dog for a family pet not really bothered on breed as long as not small when grown
  • puppy or young dog wanted
    Wolverhampton Added 2020-04-21
    wanted puppy or young dog,,must be good with all ages of children as i have grandchildren of all ages..must also be good with dogs as i have a young dog and looking for a playmate for her,,i am at home all the time so will have lots of attention,,my son who lives at home walks our dog daily on fields,,i have a decent size garden..the dog will be treated as one of the family,,would like free or cheap as possible please as i would prefer to spend the money on the dog rather than paying a big sum of money for the dog,please text or call anytime thankyou
  • Puppy wanted
    Stoke Sub Hamdon Added 2020-04-21
    Young family looking for a puppy/young dog.Ideally good around childrenDon’t mind travelling if it’s for the perfect pup or dog for its forever home
  • Wanted puppy or young dog wanted for forever loving home
    Westwood Added 2020-04-21
    Wanted puppy or young dog to join our loving family homeAny breed considered If you need a 5* loving family home for your dog please consider ys
  • Wanted puppy
    Stratford Upon Avon Added 2020-04-21
    Wanted puppy or young dogTo join our family, must be good with children ,
  • Wanted young dog or puppy for loving forever home
    Tintwistle Glossop Added 2020-04-21
    Wanted young dog or puppy Preferably female must be good with children and other animals. For a loving forever home.
  • WANTED Young dog/puppy
    Parbold Added 2020-04-21
    Hi, I'm looking for a young dog or puppy to accompany my very friendly staff X boxer. It's been recommended by our vet that we get another dog as our current dog bobbie is depressed since the recent loss of our other dog last year. Any breed and sex is fine as he gets on with literally everything. Must be travelling distance of Wigan or able to drop off after viewing.
    Great Yarmouth Added 2020-04-21
    Wanted ASAP... Female Rottweiler or Staffie or cross puppy or youngster. Needs delivering to my home as I can't drive.
  • Young male chihuahua wanted
    Blackburn Added 2020-04-21
    Older puppy or young adult. Any colour Short-haired preferred.
    Carlisle Added 2020-04-21
    WANTED: Im looking for small dog/puppy to join my family must be good with young children and house/pad trained. Will get plenty of walks and runs, will get plenty of love given.
  • Wanted young cat/kittens
    Beverley Added 2020-04-21
    Wanted young cat/kittten preferably female to come live on a farm
  • young labrador
    Bury St Edmunds Added 2020-04-21
    Young labrador puppy wanted approx up to 14 months old, if no papers or kc reg not a problem. colour/sex irrelevent. I have just retired and i am looking for a young dog to become a companion to me and my cocker spaniel. i would like a young dog to train to become a gundog where i go beating on local shoots. The dog would have a loving permanent home with a life style that only dogs of that breed can dream about. I maybe also interested in a trained beating dog where as the owner can no longer look after him for personal reasons.I cannot pay a fortune but if a good home is more important than money please dont hesitate to contact me.
    Cambridge Added 2020-04-21
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier/ American Bully puppy wanted. Have wanted a puppy for a very long time. Puppy is for my 14 year old son.
  • Young Cockatiel wanted
    Stoke On Trent Added 2020-04-21
    Young Cockatiel or similar sized bird wanted for my teenage daughter as a pet to love and give a forever home to. Her lovebird recently died and devastated the family, I already have 2 friendly cockatiels so am quite used to their needs, we already have a cage suitable for a bird of this size of whatever breed fate brings our way! We would prefer it to be young and hand tamed but will consider all. Many thanks Beccy
  • DACHSHUND WANTED! 5 Star home waiting...
    Keighley Added 2020-04-21
    We are looking for a dachshund for my grandmother who was brought up with them from a young age. It is her 80th birthday in May and we would love to surprise her with a daxie as she has wanted one for so long.We have around £600-£700 to spend and do not mind whether it is a puppy or older dog - we would prefer a female but would not turn down a male if it came up.
  • border terrier wanted puppy or older wanted Dundee / Scotlan
    Dundee Added 2020-04-21
    border terrier wanted for fit active older lady after sudden sad loss of her previous companion5 star home for lifepuppy or young or older dog considered dundee scotland
  • wanted puppy £150
    Grimsby Added 2020-04-21
    we are looking for a puppy to join our family we have two dogs did have four but two have sadley passed away and these two have never been on there own so we would like a dog to get to know both of them ! we have young children a good garden and there isn't a day when they would be left for any length of time as when I'm at work my husband is off and when he's at work I'm off. Our budget isn't big though looked into rescues and most want £300 to adopt a puppy we don't have that initial layout as yet but we are saving !
  • Wanted - British Bulldog
    Birkenhead Added 2020-04-21
    An excellent example of the breed (Show calibre) wanted to join a loving family, where he/she will receive a life long home and plenty of exercise. I'm ideally looking for a very young pup but will consider a young dog. Cash waiting for the right example. Sorry, I'm not interested in half/mixed breeds.
  • Wanted - Kerry Blue
    Birkenhead Added 2020-04-21
    An excellent example of the breed (Show calibre) wanted to join a loving family, where he/she will receive a life long home and plenty of exercise. I'm ideally looking for a very young pup but will consider a young dog. Cash waiting for the right example. Sorry, I'm not interested in half/mixed breeds.
  • puppy wanted for our family
    Accrington Added 2020-04-21
    me and my husband are looking for a puppy to come into our family. we have two young children and the puppy must be ok with children under the age of 5. please contact us if you have any puppies available within the next month or two and isnt too highly priced.
  • Wanted: A small/medium young dog or puppy
    Shrivenham Added 2020-04-21
    We recently lost our gorgeous cavalier king charles spaniel. We're looking for either a puppy or young dog of a medium size breed (e.g. spaniel, no bigger than a labrador) to join our now-lonely labrador cross. We live on a small holding so they must be toilet trained, good to walk and good with animals and families.
  • Wanted puppy
    Leicester Added 2020-04-21
    Looking for a puppy/young dog to join our family home with 4 children. Would be a very loved family pet.Willing to travel for the right dog.English bulldog
  • Wanted - English Bull Terrier
    Birkenhead Added 2020-04-21
    An excellent example of the breed (Show calibre) wanted to join a loving family, where he/she will receive a life long home and plenty of exercise. I'm ideally looking for a very young pup but will consider a young dog. Cash waiting for the right example. Sorry, I'm not interested in half/mixed breeds.
  • Puppy or young dog wanted to hoping our family.
    Hull Added 2020-04-21
    We're looking for a puppy to join our family. Ideally something small to medium. Don't want large dogs like husys etc. Thanks ??
  • wanted small dog
    Ashton-on-ribble Added 2020-04-21
    young (not puppy)yorkie shihtzufor loving home.
  • Wanted Labrador Puppy
    Brighton, East Sussex Added 2019-04-11
    Hi there, We're a young couple looking for a gold or brown Labrador or Golden puppy. Our budget is £800 max and we're in Brighton, East Sussex. We're able to short travel till London and around there. Thanks.
  • Blue female staffy pup wanted
    Uttoxeter Added 2020-04-21
    Wanted blue female staffy puppy, for very loving family home ,will grow up with 3 young children and be spoilt, willing to keep in touch £500 max budget
  • Wanted.
    Shrewsbury Added 2020-04-21
    We are looking for a puppy to join a very loving home. It will have 3 young children to play with and will complete our family. Thanks
  • Wanted dog/puppy for company
    Calne, Wiltshire Added 2018-11-07
    Hi I am looking for a puppy/young dog for company on the advice of my dr. Any type of dog will be considered as long as it's not a small yapping dog. The price would have to be reasonable as I am on a fixed income. My dr has suggested that I get a dog for company as I suffer from extreme depression and severe anxiety and I spend most of my days by myself and as well as being company it would help in my road to recovery.. Thank you for reading this and I hope you will consider me while you are looking for a home for your puppy/dog.
  • kitten/young cat wanted
    Woking Added 2020-04-21
    I'm looking for a kitten or young cat to join my family please if you are rehoming one give me a call or text if it's a young cat he or she must be good with children and a very calm dog thank you
  • Wanted Kitten or Young cat
    Irthlingborough Added 2020-04-21
    Looking for a kitten or young cat to join our young family. Experienced pet owner living in a safe, semi remote and perfect area for a cat.
  • Puppy wanted !!
    Billericay Added 2020-04-21
    Puppy wanted. Based in Essex can travel to London. Puppy must have injections and no health conditions.
  • Puppy wanted
    Scunthorpe Added 2020-04-21
    Puppy wanted I've been looking for a while now to get a pup for me and my daughter she's five neary six is autistic so must be suitable and we would love a puppy so they can grow together:) anyone please
  • Dog lover
    Nottingham Added 2020-04-21
    Young dog or puppy wanted medium to large breed to a very loving and caring home needs to be used to other dogs as I have an old girl in need of a friend
  • Young castrated male wanted
    Waterlooville Added 2020-04-21
    Hi im looking for a young castrated male ferret to live with my two females my girls are around 8 months old will be coming to a loving pet home in a lovely ferret shed with lots of toys and a run plus plenty of free roam in doors can send pics if wanted
  • Wanted - Cockerdor
    Sharnbrook Added 2020-04-21
    Hi,I'm looking for a cockerdor/ cockador puppy.Now feels like the perfect time to add another dog to my household. I've got a 10 year old Collie and would love a puppy to learn from her and make the most of all my time at the moment. Anybody know of a reputable breeder/ litter that is available.Would also consider a young rescue.After a female please.
  • Looking for a young dog or puppy
    Newark Added 2020-04-21
    Looking for young dog or puppy MUST be good with young children any breed consided not looking to spend a fortune just after a good family dog
  • German Shepherd puppy wanted
    Nantwich Added 2020-04-21
    Loving family home would love a German shepherd puppy or young. Short haired boy or girl. Please contact if you have a German shepherds that fits this description.
  • wanted, cockapoo puppy wanted
    Stratford On Avon Added 2020-04-21
    wanted white/black ,brown/white or mixed puppy male please let me know your price.
  • whippet puppy wanted
    Bristol Added 2020-04-21
    Wanted blue female whippet puppy wanted lovely home in the country waiting
  • Wanted for a loving home
    Polsworth Added 2020-04-21
    Young dog wanted/rehome for family with kids
  • ***WANTED*** Puppy
    Greater Manchester Added 2020-04-21
    Hi, I’m on the hunt for a puppy/young dog, nothing too small, but nothing massive as my house isn’t big enough! ideally want a mix breed, bully/staffy types absolutely fine, something athletic enough to spend all day at the farm, going for walks/runs etc as will be out of the house with me for the majority of the day once old enough! Reasonable prices please, budget around £350, Manchester/Oldham area, give me a message if you think you might have something suitable! Many thanks!
  • wanted. young dog or puppy.
    Blandford Added 2020-04-21
    Hello, we are now looking for a another dog to join our family. We have a 9 year old female neutered Dobey, 3 cats and 2 children (6 and 9) We live in the countryside in a large semi detached house with front and back garden which backs on to a field.We didn't even consider having another dog, but we recently looked after a friends young pup and realised how much it helped our dog (she has separation anxiety and doesn't like being alone). He kept trying to play and after she would tell him off (bark at him) we found she would go over and try to initiate to play and wag her tail, she also liked being his 'boss'.We were sad to see him go and so was our dog, and during these sad times with the coronavirus and being stuck at home for the near future, we thought we would see if there are any young dogs or a puppy out there that's needing a home, even if fostering which could turn into something permanent. Would be the perfect opportunity to train etc.As I have said though, must be good with other dogs, cats and children (although our children are very well behaved and know how to be around dogs, growing up on a farm!)Will consider any breed although nothing smaller than cocker spaniel size. Blue eyes would be amazing but not a must!)Thanks
  • Cockatiell wanted
    Driveway/carport Added 2020-04-21
    cockatial wanted please Young preferably tame thank you
  • Maltese wanted 700
    Manchester Added 2020-04-21
    I am wanting a small white puppy or young female Maltese dog I have 700 I am in Manchester I can travel for it please get in touch if you have one available please
  • Puppy or young dog
    Penzance Added 2020-04-21
    Hi I have recently lost my wife and I am looking for a puppy or young dog for company, will be the only dog in the house, if anyone has one then please message me, thank you
  • Wanted kitten/cat
    Wirral Added 2020-04-21
    Wanted 2 female kittens or young cants, 2 sisters would be ideal, to join our family, must be litter trained
  • Spaniel puppy wanted
    Hereford Added 2020-04-21
    Spaniel puppy wanted (cocker, springer) and can be mixed breed with these! (Eg sprollie, sprocker etc) We are willing to travel up to about 2 and half hours for the puppy.Will be coming to a lovely forever home near the countryside with a large garden.Our max budget is £400 - please help us find a little dog to share our love with..
  • Wanted puppy
    Durham Added 2020-04-21
    Wanted staffy, German shepherd or bullmastiff puppy. Message me with details.
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