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  • Aquarium coral rocks
    Seaford Added 2020-06-07
    Ideal rocks for African Cichlids aquariums. Aquarium coral rocks . Posted by Ken in Pets, Equipment
  • Coral rocks
    Newcastle Added 2020-10-31
    Coral rocks some nice big bits need gone ASAP £60 ono in ne3
  • Coral rocks
    Newcastle Added 2020-06-22
    Big bucket off dryed coral rocks £30 for the lot need gone ASAP
  • Coral rocks
    Newcastle Added 2020-11-06
    Coral rocks out off my 5ft tank some big bits £50 ono need gone ASAP
  • Coral rock
    Newcastle Added 2020-06-28
    Big bucket off dryed coral rocks £30 for the lot need gone ASAP
  • Aquarium Natural coral selection mixed sea shells and decorative pebbl
    Poole Added 2020-11-04
    Aquarium Natural coral selection with mixed sea shells and decorative pebbles/rocks.2 x large natural sea corals, the larger coral - height 10cm, width 14cm, the smaller coral - height 3cm, width 10cm4 x small natural sea corals, ranging from 8cm
  • 300 ltr aquarium complete set up
    Juniper Green Added 2020-06-01
    Complete 300ltr aquarium set up includes unit coral sand unit over head light full spectrum 2wave makers heater filter canister power head coral rocks any many more items .for more info please feel free to ask .2 man pick up no brand name and please
  • Coral rocks and heavy slates
    Sparkhill Added 2020-06-16
    Buyers interested collection only no offers excepted it will be refused . Looking for a quick and genuine sale.
  • Coral gravel
    Blackburn Added 2020-08-05
    Fish tank coral sand/ gravelApprox 30 kg Coral gravel . Posted by Gumtree buyer in Pets, Equipment
  • Live marine coral
    Hillsborough Added 2020-09-25
    Purple base Green tip torch coral 3 heads on Carib sea life rock £65Mint green branching hammer coral 1 head £40
  • Aquarium rocks stones
    Dewsbury Added 2020-06-22
    Aquarium rocks. Around 10 kg rough estimate. Pagoda stone with lovely patinas. I have switched to a planted tank and don't need them anymore.10 rocks in total.Thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned, ready for use.Make a sensible offer please.SMS PRE
  • Marine coral, trumpet coral
    Crossgates Added 2020-08-16
    For sale is my 2 head trumpet lps coral, ready to go.Any questions feel free to ask.
  • Full tank set up
    Musselburgh Added 2020-11-04
    For sale 160 litre full tank set up, includes rocks,coral sand, ornaments,internal
  • Aquarium/Fish Tank Rocks
    Southampton Added 2020-06-28
    Bundle of fish tank rocks for sale. Changed the setup so rocks have become available to move on.To be sold altogether please. Collection Only
  • Artificial coral ornaments
    Lisburn Added 2020-09-30
    Artificial coral ornament 3x large ornaments 5x fans1x boat 1x shipping container 10x small coral £200 Lisburn area
  • Large catalaphyllia/elegance coral marine
    Kirriemuir Added 2020-06-28
    For sale very large cat coral. Skeleton around 6 inches open to around 16 inches across.Healthy coral just need to free up some space.Collection from Kirriemuir ideal, with social distancing.Message for more details
  • Anthelia coral frags
    St Albans Added 2020-09-05
    I have approx 8 Anthelia soft coral frags for sale. The pictures are a little blue, they are a pink/coral colour. Grow fairly quickly under all conditions and are great for showing movement in your reef tank. £5 each, collection from at albans. Pleas
  • Dog Rocks Natural Urine Patch Preventer 200g, New
    Aston Clinton Added 2020-12-08
    Dog Rocks® are a 100% Natural Australian product that will help save your lawn from those nasty burn patches that your Dog’s urine can cause.Dog Rocks® filter out impurities from water such as Tin, ammonia and nitrates. These impurities are usual
  • Fluval 62 litre
    Cotgrave Added 2020-09-28
    Fluval 62litre marine aquarium comes as a full set up with rock elegance coral,star polyp coral, green plate coral and a couple of others there’s a maroon clown fish in there and a small normal clown fish , a blue tang and a snail
  • Fluval 62l nano aquarium
    Cotgrave Added 2020-10-01
    Comes with 3 light settings heater filter marine rock white sand elegance coral,mushroom coral,star polyp coral a blue tang maroon clown fish a normal clown fish and a snail 25l water drum net food syphon ect07958232276
  • Clove polyp coral
    St Albans Added 2020-09-06
    3 headed clove polyp coral. These are coral pink with a florencent yellow streak. These look good under the blue lights (not so good in my pictures).
  • Aquarium plants and features. Tropical tank
    Eccles Added 2020-08-09
    Perfect bundle for someone starting a tank or wanting to add more features. Various plants of different sizes, coral/rock with holes to swim through and a cactus. Used for 2 days but decided to strip it out and use real plants and rocks. Never used w
  • Hammer coral frags
    Rainham Added 2020-06-21
    Green and purple hammer coral frags4 available individual frags ready to go £10 per head (3 of which are single head, 1 has two heads)Growing fast and really wellLarge hammer in second picture is not for sale, this is the mother coral so you can s
  • Keyna tree marine coral
    Carlisle Added 2020-06-10
    Kenya Tree Frag / Soft Marine Coral. Pictured is the mother coral. Pictures are available on request. WHSIWYG (pic 2) You will receive 2 kenya tree heads on a small piece of live rock. Collection preferred but can post.
  • 10kg marine live rock with free coral frags
    Harlow Added 2020-08-16
    really nice mature live rock from a healthy system.some lovely pieces, very porous, all different shapes and sizes, including plates and addition, the rocks are covered in fragments of various corals I kept in the tank, including:
  • Various rocks
    Aberdare Added 2020-09-16
    Various rocks coke can for size guide lol. Open to offers collection from aberdare rct
  • red sea coral pro salt 7KG
    Pudsey Added 2020-11-15
    red sea coral pro salt 7KGOpened but not used! red sea coral pro salt 7KG. Posted by Abi in Pets, Equipment
  • Marine or Tropical Sand. 5kg. New Unopened.
    Ipswich Added 2020-06-18
    New 5kg bag coral sand.New 5kg bag coral sand.New 5kg bag coral sand.Message me on 07736451510
  • marine aquarium dry rocks
    Barnet Added 2020-08-24
    I have around 10kg of dry reef rocks for sale. collection from Barnet 4 pounds a kilo
  • 600 grams of dog rocks
    Leicester Added 2020-06-08
    I have decided not to let my dog use dog rocks as she no longer urinate on the lawn.
  • Purple and red plate montipora coral SPS for marine tank
    Wimbledon Added 2020-09-14
    Red and purple plate montipora SPS coral. Great Hardy coral for the beginner.£10 for 10cm piece red£15 for 10 cm piece purpleLots available. Photos are of both mother colonies.I have lots of other corals too. Collection only from South Wim
  • Coral stones
    Loughborough Added 2020-06-07
    Selling on behalf of friend coral all different shapes and sizes good quality 5.00 each.
  • Dead Coral
    Cambridge Added 2020-11-16
    All the coral has been used but it has been in a box for thelast thirty years. There are two large long bits and one smallerround one. Collection only.
  • Coral Glow Het Pied Female
    Worcester Added 2020-08-24
    Coral Glow Het Pied Female.Produced with a Female Maker.This girl only drop feeds but has done every time offered. Ready to go.Similar to Banana but this is coral glow line
  • Aquarium coral (ocean rock)
    Gorleston Added 2020-06-03
    Very nice pieces of coral used for cichlid tank . Very expensive stuff . Collection only please £45 ovno
  • Marine green plate coral
    Crossgates Added 2020-08-16
    I have this large piece for sale or could you could take a small frag for £5It may split coming off the rock but won't harm the coral
  • Marine Coral frag station with 3 coral frags
    Delabole Added 2020-12-04
    5 Hole frag station with 3 coral frags, all growing well frags my choice my will be good frags, collection only, thanks for looking2 available
  • Coral glow/bannana fire fly
    Birmingham Added 2020-08-27
    So have a few royal python males Up for sale 4 x coral glow / banana fire fly het orange ghosts 120 pounds each And 2x coral glow /banana fire 100 pounds each Any questions just ask happy to swap 1 for 3 bumble bee dart frogs Based kingstanding Sutton Coldfield Side of birmingham
  • Devils Hand Leather Coral Frag on Frag Plug about an Inch long
    Bury St Edmunds Added 2021-01-11
    An inch long Devils Hand Coral Frag, the second picture is the Donor Coral and what you can expect over time while it grows. This will need good lighting and a high flow around mid tank
  • Female Coral Glow /Banana Het Pied
    Worcester Added 2020-09-09
    Coral Glow Het Pied Female.This stunning girl only drop feeds but does so every time offered.Complete with genetics cert.Produced from a Coral Glow Het Pied (Female Maker) x Pied Female.
  • Aquarium Rocks
    Birstall Added 2020-08-23
    Aquarium Rocks large big bucket fullWill need a clean as change in set up no longer needed please look at photos.
  • Lava rocks
    Histon Added 2020-10-09
    Three lava rocks of differing sizes. Suitable for fish tanks, aquariums, vivariums etc. Collect from Histon or could deliver locally
  • Aquarium Rocks
    Birstall Added 2020-10-22
    Used Aquarium rocks large bucket change in set up so no longer needed please look at photo for better description.
  • Dead Used Coral
    Cambridge Added 2020-09-20
    Used dead coral has been in a box for over twenty years.Before that it was in a marine tank, there is two large andone small. Will need a clean. Collection only
    Birstall Added 2020-09-22
    Large tub of aquarium rocks ideal for Malawi fish please look at picture for better description.
  • Marine coral red lobo
    Crossgates Added 2020-08-16
    For sale is my marine coral red lobophilia. Healthy and ready to go.Any questions feel free to ask
  • 3 x Rose Bubble Tip Anemone on Live Rock Marine Coral
    Lincoln Added 2020-06-24
    ( Marine Coral )1 is XL, 1 is Med and another is Small. On a nice chunk on LR. Collection only. And please bring something to put them in.Lincoln.
  • Coral. Dead coral pieces for marine aquarium Australian (from Queensland)
    Sidmouth Added 2020-08-06
    Dead coral pieces for marine aquarium Australian (Queensland)About 2kg (slightly under) of mixed corals and shells all collected in 1983 during a trip to Queensland.I've been meaning to go back ever since!Suitable as decoration for a mari
  • Small Pulsing Xenia Coral Frag Marine on Plug
    Bury St Edmunds Added 2021-01-12
    Small Pulsing Xenia Marine Coral Frag on Plug. The second picture in the Donor Coral, grows well and likes good flow and spot feeding.
  • Ocean Rock/ coral for aquarium or ornaments
    Gorleston Added 2020-06-26
    Lots of aquarium coral normally around 60 pounds for this . Collection only please
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