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  • Laney LC30 30w reverb guitar valve amp 1x12
    Dundee Added 2021-02-19
    Laney LC30 mk1All valve guitar amp with reverb2 channels with separate eq and gains plus modern and bright switches1x12 celestion driverVery good working order
  • Laney LC30 1x12 30 Watt All-Valve Combo **PRICE DROP*
    Stepps Added 2020-12-05
    ling my Laney LC30 combo. This is a British made 30 watt RMS all-valve combo with a 12 inch Celestion 70/80 speaker. Powered by EL84 valves (same as in AC30/AC15/Blues Junior). Twin channel. Sparkling cleans and nice crunchy drive sound. Few small sn
  • Laney LC30 1x12 30 Watt All-Valve Combo **PRICE DROP*
    Stepps Added 2020-12-06
    Selling my Laney LC30 combo. This is a British made 30 watt RMS all-valve combo with a 12 inch Celestion 70/80 speaker. Powered by EL84 valves (same as in AC30/AC15/Blues Junior). Twin channel. Sparkling cleans and nice crunchy drive sound. Few small
  • Valve classic Guitar amp - Laney LC30
    Abbots Langley Added 2020-09-27
    Powerful 30 watt little amp with 8 valves, nice clean bright sound, dual channel. Very good condition, home studio use only.
  • Classic British Laney LC15 R Valve Guitar amp and accessories
    South East London Added 2020-10-11
    LANEY valve amp with Reverb comes with Zoom ZOOM G1 u2 effects processor and classic Marshall guvnor Distortion pedal all in working order but pedal has broken off volume knob it still works I believe spares are available
  • Laney VC30 Full Valve Guitar Amp
    Grimsby Added 2020-11-06
    Laney VC30 210 Valve AmplifierWorks perfectly. Reverb knob is missing, only problem. Easy to replace. Great valve amp for a bargain price, easily holds it own against Marshall or Peavey valve amps. Very loud too.Get in touch for further informati
    Deal Added 2020-10-10
    A Laney 15w all valve combo.In good condition, hardly used for the last 10 years.A great amp that sounds very very much louder than 15W.Plenty of info on the web.It comes with manual, mains cable and a couple of spare valves.Collectio
  • Laney VC 15 Valve Amp
    Cumbernauld Added 2020-08-26
    Laney VC15-110 Valve Amp 'Class A/B'15 watt valve amp with 10
  • Laney LC15R valve amp with Reverb * PRICE DROP
    Aberdare Added 2020-12-03
    I will in the next week or so, depending on Welsh and UK Government rules, be selling my Laney LC15R valve amp with Reverb for electric guitar which is in excellent condition and has seen very little usage and is now surplus as im going acoustic ...p
  • Laney LC15R valve amp with Reverb * PRICE DROP
    Aberdare Added 2020-10-15
    I will in the next week or so, depending on Welsh Government ruling on local lockdown, be selling my Laney LC15R valve amp with Reverb for electric guitar which is in excellent condition and has seen very little usage and is now surplus as im going a
  • Laney VC30-112 30w 1x12
    Bristol Added 2019-03-24
    Laney VC30-112 30-Watt 1x12" Valve / Tube Guitar AmplifierIn excellent condition. Sounds superb.Collection from BS37.
    Dunfermline Added 2020-10-02
    GUITAR AMPLIFIER LANEY LV200 TUBE VALVE HYBRID - INC FOOTSWICHThe foot switch is rare, expensive and hard to replaceso no offers on the packagethanxIf you see the ad its still for sale
  • Laney Cub 8 valve combo - new valves and padded cover
    Stamford Added 2020-11-12
    Up for sale a very cool Laney 5W single ended class A valve amp with custom 8” speaker. Very basic stuff as you can see but great tone. Valves recently replaced - A Marshall for the output tube 6v6GT and a JJ for the pre amp tube ECC83 at a cost of £
  • Laney LC50 II guitar amp amplifier combo valve tube EL34 50W FANTASTIC SOUND
    Muswell Hill Added 2020-12-05
    Laney LC50 guitar amplifier combo for sale, 50W of all valve power(which means loud as hell!). I am blown away how amazing this amp sounds, really rich and full sound, both clean and dirty channels are really, really awesome. I can honestly say that
  • Laney
    Aberdare Added 2020-08-23
    Laney LC15R valve amp with Reverb for electric guitar which is in excellent condition and has seen very little usage and is now surplus as im going acoustic ...please let me know if interested. Safe Distancing Rules will apply. Will be sold on a firs
  • Laney valve amp
    Stepps Added 2020-08-18
    What can I say? Fantastic valve amp and matching 2x12 speaker cabinet. The sound from this compact rig is awesome, as good as it gets, no gimmicks, just pure valve sound and with its art deco look it is just the business.It is as new, never gigged,
  • Laney VC30 1x12 valve/tube guitar amp
    Blantyre Added 2020-10-23
    £180No offers as I’ve already lowered from £220. Would consider trades though.Smashing class A valve amp. Hee haw wrong with it. Only reason for selling is that I got another rig and need the space. More than welcome to try out of course.Excel
  • Laney VC50 dual channel guitar valve amp - EL34s
    Cambridge Added 2020-09-12
    Absolutely brilliant amp. Basically a 50W combo version of the VH100r which was Laney's flagship for many years until recently discontinued. Probably one of the most versatile amps ever made and sounds fantastic. It has two completely independent cha
  • Laney TT50 Fully valved guitar amp
    Penrith Added 2021-03-14
    In Excellent condition Laney all valve triple setting, this amp has only been played at home apart from at the Cumbria Guitar Show where I bought it in 2010.I have moved over to Bass Guitar now and don't play my Eric Johnson Strat enough to warrant keeping this amp especially as I've moved to a smaller house in my old age.Search for Laney TT50 manuals to see what you get. If you want I can email Manual to you to look at.It has 3 separate sections that can be set up independently and selected by the push of a button for different styles of playing.Great sounds.
  • Laney Lionheart LT212 2x12 Cabinet with Celestion G12H 70th Anniversary and Vintage 30 Speakers
    Meadowbank Added 2020-11-04
    Laney Lionheart LT212 2x12 speaker cabinet. Wired for 8 ohms and rated for 60 watts. It has a built-in tiltback stand to make it easier to hear your guitar.Bought second hand without the Laney-branded cover. Sounds great with my 5W valve amp. The
  • AKG Perception 820 Valve Microphone – Classic Silver/Blue
    North London Added 2020-11-14
    AKG Perception 820 Valve Microphone – Classic Silver/Blue. A future classic delivering a warm classy sound from AKG Valve technology. This microphone is in mint condition. Never used and perfectly complete with an AKG cable, transport case, shock mou
  • Laney LC15 Amp
    Cambridge Added 2020-09-05
    Laney LC15 valve AmpGreat sound qualityCambridge pick up but will consider drop off/meeting
  • Laney Lionheart L20 410 Valve Combo Amp
    Wallasey Added 2021-01-10
    Laney Lionheart L20 410 Combo Guitar Amp in very good condition.20 watt Class A with 4x10 Jensen speakers.This is well under half new price.Power RMS 20 WattsInputs 2x Jack, Hi
  • Peavey Classic 30 Valve Guitar Amplifier
    Raynes Park Added 2020-09-01
    Hey guys, I'm selling my Peavey Classic 30 valve amp with the vintage tweed finish which has just been gathering dust in my studio for a while since buying a new Kemper Amp. It is in need of a service, as it has been quite a few years since I last ha
  • Peavey Classic 20 Valve Combo Amp Amplifier
    Irby Added 2019-04-19
    Peavey Classic 20 Valve Combo AmpGood condition. Fabulous classic tube tones.Contact me for further info, photos, viewing etc.Collection from Irby, Wirral.Cheers.
  • Laney Lionheart 4 x 10 combo
    Bury Added 2020-10-11
    Laney Lionheart 4 x 10 jenson speakers.20 watts of pure class A valve goodness, gorgeous spring reverb and looks cool as you like.Cash on collection from Bury
  • Laney VC15 all valve amp spare or repair
    South Shields Added 2020-08-26
    This one is for the electronics person who wants a beautiful all valve amp (when it is working). This one isn’t working. It went off and was repaired and went off again and it just isn’t worth the expense of paying someone to fix it as amps are so
  • Peavey Classic 30 Guitar Valve Amp
    Bournemouth Added 2020-09-09
    Peavey Classic 30 Amp.Good condition.Excellent natural valve sound.Clean channel and dirty channel.Including adjustable angle stand.Check out my photos and you shouldfind all the technical details that you need.Everything works, bu
  • Laney LC15 guitar combo
    Sheffield Added 2020-08-24
    Laney LC15 in good condition, great sounding valve guitar combo with good range of sounds.
  • Laney VC15 mkII valve amp with footswitch and cover
    Horsham Added 2020-09-23
    Brilliant little valve amp that I’m reluctant to sell, but I have too many amps!This amp is in excellent condition, works perfectly and sounds brilliant.The only (purely aesthetic issue) is the handle which is looking a bit worn. If this is an is
  • Laney Cub 12 R Guitar Valve Amp Tube Amplifier - fender blues speaker
    Ealing Broadway Added 2020-10-24
    Laney Cub 12 R with Fender Blues Junior speaker upgrade.Very good condition. And very little use. Valves are like new. Never played at loud volume. Small dings and scratches on the tolex but overall in very good shape. Check pictures.Open to offe
  • Laney Lionheart 4 x 10 combo-AC30 wanted
    Bury Added 2020-12-08
    Laney Lionheart 4 x 10 jenson speakers.20 watts of pure class A valve goodness, gorgeous spring reverb and looks cool as you like.I’m after a AC30 so willing to add cash if you’ve got one and want a deal.Cash on collection from Bury
  • Peavey classic 212 50watt valve amp
    Earlsfield Added 2020-12-01
    Peavey classic 212 50watt valve amp. Lovely amp you can get some really nice tones.Im only selling as I need to down size. Reverb doesn’t work, I’ve lost the back panel as you can see in the picture and could probably use a re tube this is all ref
  • Laney Lionheart L20H 20W Class A Head
    Gloucestershire Added 2020-10-29
    Part of my “I just bought a modeller” fire sale, my beloved Laney Lionheart.This amp is an absolute beast! A stunning Class A all valve head that is remarkably loud for 20W, but also impressively capable at low volumes. I’ve found this to be incr
  • Laney Lionheart 410 valve amplifier made in UK Sale or trade
    New Moston Added 2020-08-26
    Beautiful amplifier by Laney in very good condition.4x10 Jenson alnico speakers.Fully working and sounds absolutely stunning.Collection only due to size and weightCash is king bit may trade for smaller fender combo. Supersonic/deluxe
  • Laney VC30 equivalent to VOX AC30 all valve Amplifier WITH Reverb
    Mickleover Added 2021-02-24
    Provide phine number if interested, as I do not reply to messagesThis amp is all valve and small for home use,and loud enough for Gig use.Built in reverb etc . Needs new front grill clot which is plastic as it has a tear hole in it, but doesnt
  • Laney Super PA 100w 6 channel PA head vintage valve amplifier tube amp group
    Easton Added 2020-09-06
    Laney white face 100w Super PA. OT is replaced with another Partridge from a Carlsbro PA, see pics. Recapped and sorted but currently unloaded, as I don't have loads of valves about. Grey face valved one is in other listings. Being sold unvalved coul
  • Marshall Origin 20c Valve Combo
    Springburn Added 2021-02-14
    This is a great little valve combo for home usage or small gig situations. It can go very loud for a 20w amp, and comes with three different output levels (5w, 10w and 20w) so you can get that same classic Marshall valve tone without having to crank
  • Marshall 100w valve combo
    Sketty Added 2021-02-13
    All valve 100w 2x12 combo from Marshall. Classic amp. Classic sounds. As loud as you want it to go!!Versatile tones from clean to driven blues to rock shred glory. I bought this as a spare and never used it live so it’s been sitting in the studio.
  • TL Audio VP-1 Classic Mono Valve Processor
    Ryton Added 2020-09-28
    TL Audio VP-1 Classic Mono Valve Processor. In great condition, sounds fantastic on vocals, guitars, drums.The VP-1 is a complete channel and combines the best elements of the TL Audio PA-1 pre-amp, C-1 compressor and EQ-2 parametric equaliser.
  • Blues valve combo 30w guitar amp 112 reverb Laney wi fender marshall
    Dundee Added 2021-02-13
    Laney 30w 2 channel all valveFender clean channel with Marshall and mesa gain channelEq both channels gain and volumes each channel with master reverb and master tone shape modern switch gives mesa tones hi and lo inputsCelestion g12 speakerReal
  • Vox Valvetronix AD60 VT guitar amplifier
    Newton Abbot Added 2019-04-17
    Vox Valvetronix AD60VT amplifier in full working order. Recently serviced by amp technician.A good amplifier for home practice (quiet) or performance (very loud), as it can be switched between 1, 15, 30 or 60 Watts output. This is a modelling amplifier with an amazing range of effects from classic blues to metal. There is a valve pre-amp for that classic valve sound.Read the reviews on ultimate-guitar.Minor scuffs on bottom but otherwise great condition. Bring your guitar and try it out. £80 o.n.o. On sale on ebay for more than twice the price!
  • Laney ironheart lx120h with Laney cabinet and footswitch and pedal
    Donaghadee Added 2021-02-06
    Laney 120whatt amplifier ironheart 120h with matching ironheart irt212Cabinet 2× 12" this packs some punch when you want it too it also comes with the laney foot pedal and also I will include a flashback footpeadal with delay also amp has just been
  • Laney VA100 100w vintage valve amplifier tube amp head EL34 VA 100 rare burman
    Easton Added 2020-09-06
    Fairly rare Laney, only made for a short period between Klipps and the Pro tube, both fairly legendary. This deserves the status because its a great amp with a much less copied from Marshall circuit. Suspect its a lot more copied from Burman, it soun
  • Complete Marshall rack system, JMP-1 Valve midi pre-amp, 8008 power amp, cab
    Fraserburgh Added 2020-09-10
    system is in good condition , no issues. Classic marshall valve rack system.JMP-1 Marshall24 valve pre-amp8008 Marshall valve state power amp1936 Marshall stereo cab4 way select pedal inc, and rack box, and leads. (worth £200 alone )
  • LANEY LX120RTwin 120W Guitar Amplifier
    Stokesley Added 2020-11-01
    LANEY LX120RTwin 120W Guitar AmplifierFor sale is a fantastic 120 watt guitar amp made by the quality manufacturer Laney. It has been used but it is in excellent condition and in full working order.DESCRIPTIONThe LX120RT is the backline
  • Laney Lionheart L20h Tube Guitar Head
    Fishponds Added 2020-10-14
    Lovely all tube guitar head from Laney. Has been used by me with a celestion loaded 2x12 for a year. It sings.A reluctant sale, but as a heavy rocker at heart, I'm switching up for a Marshall/Mesa. Happy to entertain trades.Some blurb:The Laney
  • Classic Vox AD30VT Hybrid Valve 30W Amplifier.
    Antrim Added 2020-12-04
    £85 ono, possible trade for a guitar.AD30VT Valvetronic incorporates the Vox Valve Reactor circuit which delivers real tube power and sound.Includes 11 accurately replicated amp models plus and 2 programmable channels for saving combinations
  • Compact Laney Piano Amp.
    Paignton Added 2021-01-19
    Compact Laney Piano Amp. By itself NO OTHER WIRES. The AudioHub Freestyle by Laney is an all-in-one, highly portable multi-instrument amplifier that provides you with everything you need for on the road playing in one handy unit. The Laney AH Freestyle is perfect for any venue from playing in your room or garage to rehearsing at school or busking on the street.
  • laney tf500m 120w guitar amp
    Harrogate Added 2021-02-25
    Vgcd one of the best amps very loud has a valve pre amp spring reverb lets of distortion so no need for paddles has fx loop with 4 way for switch looking for offers near £150 may px for an all tube amp and cab sorry this is strictly pickup only fr
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